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Monday, November 28, 2011

Feminists Target Boys' High School Sports

In 1972, Congress passed a law called The Education Amendments, now commonly referred to as Title IX. It prohibits sex discrimination in colleges and schools. The purpose was to assure that women have access to all education opportunities.During the Carter Administration, the radical feminists took over the Civil Rights section of the Department of Education, and they issued Title IX regulations that changed the whole purpose of the law in ways that were never intended. Their regulations required that the percentages of women engaged in competitive college sports must be the same percentage as women registered for academic classes. That's a quota rule called proportionality. Women are now an average of 60% of college students, so colleges have cancelled hundreds of men's sports teams in order to make 60% of sports teams female and protect themselves against lawsuits alleging sex discrimination. Colleges have cancelled 450 men's wrestling teams.

Now the feminists in Barack Obama's Department of Education are starting to apply the same anti-male regulations to high schools and demand that high schools apply the same gender quotas that have cut back men's teams in colleges. The feminists have filed charges against hundreds of high schools all over the country.

Much research shows that males and females have different interest levels in sports, but the feminists claim that is “a stereotype” that can even be ruled “impermissible” under the Title IX law. Research and common sense are unlikely to deter feminist activists. They’ve made it clear time and time again that their real goal is not equal opportunities for women, but equal outcomes, regardless of whether most women desire that equal outcome or not. It is predictable that if boys sports are reduced, we will have more and more high school dropouts.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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