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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Interview: Marcello Pera — Can Democracy Survive Without Christianity?

Secular liberals insist that America is better off without religion. But a European leader warns that democracy can't survive without Christian foundations.

Book: Why We Should Call Ourselves Christians: The Religious Roots of Free Societies

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Anonymous said...

I am commenting on Can Democracy survive without Christianity.
First we don't have a Democracy - we have a Republic.
Secondly - I think there is great difficulty for the survival of a Democracy (Europe) or our Republic (USA)without fundamental participation and belief in Christianity.

It is Christianity & Judaism that has provided through the centuries the constant educational teaching and practice of morality; self esteem; honesty; integrity; respect for self and authority; respect for mother and father; respect for life; and the "Ten Commandment" as a "Flag" of authority and conduct.
There is nothing in any society that imitates or provides that in the most remote manner.
Secular Society is the antithesis of the above. Our Media & Media / Press are are the primary current educators of perverted, obnoxious and objectionable public discourse and promoted societal interaction that is replacing the religious entities and destroying our culture.
The Media, Media Press; Government or public schools cannot act as a proxy replacement as it will lead directly to a chaotic society and the certain destruction of all traditional and family values.
One only needs to take a cursory look at public school education or weekly Media TV programming to confirm the the rapid disintegration of former societal values.
It is from the Christian and Judaic faiths that "Inalienable Rights" have sprung from.
Government cannot and should not

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