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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Polygamy legalized in Libya

American foreign policy has supported revolution in Arab countries, with the implicit assumption that the population will have great human rights once a dictator is imposed. But these revolutionaries are nothing like George Washington, and they are eager to impose Islamic law on everyone. In particular, they are against marriage as we know it. The NY Times reports:
In announcing the success of the Libyan revolution and calling for a new, more pious nation, the head of the interim government, Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, also seemed to clear the way for unrestricted polygamy in a Muslim country where it has been limited and rare for decades.

It looked like a sizable step backward for women at a moment when much here — institutions, laws, social relations — is still in play after the end of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s 42 years of authoritarian rule.

In his speech, Mr. Abdel-Jalil declared that a Qaddafi-era law that placed restrictions on multiple marriages, which is a tenet of Islamic law, or Shariah, would be done away with. The law, which stated that a first wife had to give permission before others were added, for instance, had kept polygamy rare here.

“This law is contrary to Shariah and must be stopped,” Mr. Abdel-Jalil told the crowd, vowing that the new government would adhere more faithfully to Shariah. The next day he reiterated the point to reporters at a news conference: “Shariah allows polygamy,” he said. Mr. Abdel-Jalil is known for his piety.
Known for his piety?! By wanting multiple wives!

American policy is not just to destroy marriage in the USA. It is destroying marriage all
over the world. Even Rick Perry is soft on marriage policy.

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