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Monday, November 07, 2011

Radical Feminism and the “Occupy Movement”

A blogger discovers and feminists are trying to take over the Occupy Wall Street movement, and writes:
The feminist first goal was to destroy the family unit, they rallied against clearly defined gender roles and any type of structure or organization the traditional family provided. They wanted to be free and independent while still and integral part of a family unit who’s primary existence was based upon interdependency and clearly defined roles and duties.

All across America the family unit began to collapse, fathers were thrown out of the house, single-motherhood became beatified and glorified by society and liberal politicians became their cheerleaders.

Generations of fatherless children, homeless families and poverty were created and are ripping at the fabric of our society today. The whole daycare industry, with all of its tragic outcomes sprung up.

And, naturally, any form of religion was seen as an “oppressor” and disparaged as well as any form of housework. It was no longer cool to be a homemaker or believe in God or go to church.

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Anonymous said...

And you have to ask, where was the church in all this? They still exist, they still have weddings and baptisms, but they have abandoned families.

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