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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

U.S. Citizenship Should Not Be For Sale

Outsourcing is not the only way we are losing American jobs to Communist China. The Chinese have figured out how to capture jobs inside the U.S. by using our EB-5 visas; that stands for employment-based, fifth priority. Most Americans have never heard of that visa, but the Chinese are now planning to use it to build and run a casino near the Baltimore airport. Boasting 4,750 slot machines, this $440 million casino will be one of the largest in the country. The promoters went to Shanghai and made a sales pitch to rich Chinese to invest $500,000 each in this Maryland casino. The sweetest part of the deal is that the investor's entire family will be rewarded with a set of U.S. green cards valid for life, a system called "investment immigration." EB-5 visas were created to promote investment in depressed areas, but Maryland is NOT depressed.

Don't count on the Maryland casino to produce good jobs for Americans. If the Chinese follow the pattern they used in building the San-Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, low-paid Chinese workers will be imported to build and staff the casino. Another EB-5 case involved a dairy farm in South Dakota. It created some jobs, but 16 of the 17 regular employees turned out to be illegal aliens. Maybe milking cows wasn't an exciting occupation for Chinese families rich enough to make a half million dollar investment. China is trying to build a 30,000-acre "technology zone" with full landing rights to the Boise, Idaho airport, including industry, retail centers, and homes leased to the Chinese. Idaho residents are not happy about Communist China trying to colonize their state.

While more Americans are unemployed, living on food stamps, and being foreclosed on, Communist China is busy buying our land, businesses, homes, and natural resources. Our globalist-minded government is assisting this Chinese invasion with the bait of EB-5 visas.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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