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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

British experts kill off the traditional family

The UK Mail newspaper reports:
How 'experts' are trying to kill off the traditional family: Trendy thinktank claims most of us live in alternative set-ups

Only one in six people in Britain think they live as part of a traditional family, according to claims by a new think-tank yesterday.

Apparently, only a small minority come from ‘traditional nuclear families’ with married parents and two or more children, the Centre for the Modern Family said.

Its report said the traditional family is out of date and that the Government should consider ways to support alternative family forms that are adopted by the majority. ...

The report said: ‘The majority of people feel their family is unrepresented by politicians, the media and advertising, with 52 per cent claiming the Government does not take their family set-up into account.

‘The findings indicate family structures are becoming increasingly diverse. A quarter of all couples are childless, and one in five lives alone.

As a result of this, half of the population believe society is out of date in its view of the family.
The article goes on to say that the figures are misleading because they are presented by an anti-family think tank that wants the public to accept that the nuclear family has already disintegrated.

The article drew a lot of comments like these:
Destroy Marriage and you destroy the nation. But perhaps that was always the intention of certain elements. Enemies within are far more dangerous than enemies at the gates.

This report seems to be part of the campaign to ruin society, rather than fact.

Destroy the traditional family.....and you destroy the future. That is the aim of the evil ideologues. Remember the failed Soviet Union tried to do the same....and it collapsed. Those nations that don't have the traditional family....don't have a future. They will be overwhelmed. Watch it happen.
The so-called Centre for the Modern Family has a web site with surveys and "expert views", all designed to convince you that the traditional family is obsolete.

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