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Friday, December 16, 2011

A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith

A professor at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Carol Swain, has written a very useful handbook for people who are concerned about the way America is headed today and need to be reassured that we still live in the greatest country on earth. She believes it is the job of the grassroots to preserve the route to the American dream. Born in the South in a large family that surely would have been considered poor, she nevertheless writes that she could not “think of any time when she [I] was not proud to be an American citizen.” Carol Swain grew up to be a Ph.D. and a tenured professor at Vanderbilt, who is called on frequently for television interviews on a variety of important national issues.

Carol Swain’s book is not an autobiography, but it comes to life because it is well grounded in her own happy and unhappy life experiences. She writes (not like an academic but) as a real person speaking to real people who are seeking answers. She teaches readers how to relate to our American identity and our religious roots. She tackles the tough current issues such as marriage, sovereignty, race, and abortion.

Dr. Swain’s realistic approach to the issues of marriage, divorce, the influence of feminism, the rule of law and national sovereignty is particularly helpful. Her television interviews frequently address the immigration issue. Her book deals with the complexities of the immigration issue, the law, the ethical arguments, and her personal experiences with immigrants.

Carol Swain’s book is entitled Be the People: A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise. It would be an excellent manual for Tea Partiers to help reclaim our nation’s faith and promise. It will help our citizens once again to believe with Ronald Reagan that it’s morning in America.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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