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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cape Cod Wind Farms Blown Away

"Wind farms” consist of many large wind turbines, or windmills, which try to generate electricity. They are an eyesore and stand motionless on a calm day. They are not as efficient as other energy sources, and are often noisy. But the “green energy” crowd pushes wind power at taxpayer expense, and a massive offshore wind farm is planned near Cape Cod in New England. The wind turbines in this project – which would be our nation’s first offshore wind farm – have a planned height of 440 feet apiece. There would be 130 of them, filling an area as large as Manhattan.

Some local residents fought back, and challenged this project in court. Among their many objections, they pointed out the hazard this poses to airplanes accustomed to flying around Nantucket Sound. Years of litigation ensued. Cape Cod is part of Massachusetts, the state that keeps reelecting John Kerry and which sent Ted Kennedy to Washington for more than four decades. This is the last place one might expect to find opposition to the liberal programs of “green energy” such as wind farms. But Massachusetts residents did not want this eyesore located off of their own coast. A beautiful view out over the ocean can be ruined by the spectacle of massive clumps of iron turning in the wind . . . or not turning when there is no wind.

In response to the claim that the wind turbines are a hazard to airplanes, the Federal Aviation Administration, currently under the control of the Obama Administration, insists that this project is safe. But the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled against the Obama Administration, and in favor of the local residents. Led by Reagan-appointed Judge Williams, this court sent the project back to the drawing the board, telling the Obama Administration to reconsider its analysis of aviation safety considerations. So, for now, the wind farm project is on hold.

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