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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Feminists who hate Christmas songs

A feminist has a video rant about the Top 5 Creepy and Sexist Christmas Songs. She says:
It’s that time of year again when regardless of whether you celebrate, enjoy, participate or even care about Christmas you’re constantly inundated with painfully cheery, sappy and repetitive Holiday music, everything from the Bing Crosby classics to the latest pop star’s rendition of jingle bells.

Every store you go into, every mall you enter, and all over our television screens and radios these songs are stuck on repeat for a solid month, if not more! Those of us who happen to live in the West, probably know all the words by heart and find ourselves unintentionally singing along. But have you ever really paid attention to what’s going on in these lyrics? ...

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go, take a look in the five and ten”

This Christmas favourite was popularized by Perry Como and Bing Crosby back in 1951. And while they sing about candy canes and silver lanes, they also celebrate and reinforce harmful gendered stereotypes in children’s toys. ... Really? Baby Dolls for little girls and guns for little boys? Continuing to segregate and advertise toys based on gender just works to perpetuate those nasty gendered stereotypes, plus it severely limits the development of all young people.
I don't think that this video is a joke, but it is hard to believe that these Christmas songs really bother her so much.

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