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Friday, December 02, 2011

The High Costs of Marriage Absence

Most Americans are not aware that about $700 Billion a year of federal taxpayers' money is handed out to non-taxpayers below an artificial poverty line created by the government. After Barack Obama became President, he increased welfare spending by a third because, as he promised during his campaign, he wants to "spread the wealth," knowing that promotes dependence on government and votes for the Democrats.

This federal welfare apparatus consists of 69 means-tested programs: 12 programs providing food, 10 for housing assistance, 10 for social services, 9 for education assistance, 8 programs giving outright cash, 8 for vocational training, 7 for medical care, 3 for energy and utilities, and 2 for child care. This welfare apparatus is now called the hidden welfare state (because so few Americans know about its enormous size). It's the fastest growing part of the federal budget, and these figures do not include Social Security or Medicare.

The total of these means-tested handouts is greater than what we are paying for our entire public school system and greater than what we are spending on national defense. In addition, we have just learned that 2.3 million illegal aliens, who worked U.S. jobs last year, paid no federal income taxes but were given $4 Billion in cash from the U.S. Treasury.

The number one reason people are below the poverty line is the absence of marriage. The single moms look to Big Brother Government to support their children, and that encourages more and more dependence on government. The temptation to cheat is ever present. The Census Bureau just reported that one quarter of the single moms receiving generous taxpayer cash and benefits actually have a partner living in the house whom she does not marry because marriage would cut off her government handouts.

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