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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How Evil Works: Destructive Forces

Today’s sensational news stories describe an America that is more polarized than at any time since the Civil War. We find people trying to surgically change into the opposite sex, celebrities treating mental-emotional-spiritual problems with powerful psychotropic drugs. In a new book with the awesome title How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America, author David Kupelian answers the question, “How did we get into this cultural mess?”

He tells us why we elect liars as leaders, what’s behind the renewed popularity of paganism, witchcraft and “New Age” religions, and why so many Americans are labeled “mentally ill.”

Labeling any objections to the social engineering agenda as “hate speech” has silenced challenges to the evil agenda in order to remake America into a gender-neutral socialist empire. One aspect of the popular culture that has done much damage is the promotion of sexual confusion. Men and boys have been emasculated by feminist reprogramming in schools and society, so that men are no longer the creative force that tamed the wilderness, constructed civilizations, produced dazzling inventions, and sacrificed for the protection of women and children.

There is hope. The secret weapon of those defending individual liberty rooted in a moral code is conscience and objective truth. Few people get their news from printed media anymore. If we shine the light of objective truth on the deceptive lies designed to remake our culture by the marketers of evil, the individual’s own conscience can kick in. When truth is properly targeted, truth is sufficient to annihilate the grand seductions. The name of this book by David Kupelian is How Evil Works.

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