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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Inside the domestic violence industry

Natassia tells why she is leaving the domestic violence industry:
I have been facilitating for a Batterers Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP) for nearly two years now, but I feel compelled to stop volunteering for this particular community program due to recent discoveries that give credence to the claims of a corrupt justice system. I also am disgusted with the Marxist feminism that has weaved it’s slimy way into everything in the domestic violence “industry.” ...

Notice that nowhere in this scenario is a criminal charge or even a trial mentioned.

And so, a man in my class may very well be forced to attend without any respect for his inherent right to due process. I cannot stomach playing the role of a cog in such a machine. The protection of women is important, but so are basic Constitutionally-protected rights. No man should be forced to give up his basic human rights when he has not actually been found guilty of anything.
The blog then quotes The Flipside of Feminism.

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