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Friday, December 16, 2011

Obama was not decisive

Charles Krauthammer writes:
"Ask Osama bin Laden ... whether I engage in appeasement." -- Barack Obama, Dec. 8, 2011

WASHINGTON -- Fair enough. Barack Obama didn't appease Osama bin Laden. He killed him. And for ordering the raid and taking the risk, Obama deserves credit. Credit for decisiveness and political courage.

No, Obama was neither decisive nor courageous. The Death of Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011 was after seven months of surveillance. Wiretaps led the CIA to bin Laden's compound in Aug. 2010, and it was under intense surveillance from Sept. 2010 on to the attack. The CIA proposed attacking the compound in Jan. 2010. It took Obama months to make a decision to approve the raid. And Obama did not have the courage to show the body or even to tell the true story of what happened. See Bin Laden Killing: How the White House, Pentagon and CIA Botched the Storyline.

I am afraid that Obama will spend much of the next year bragging about killing bin Laden, as he does not have much else to brag. If so, I hope that his Republican opponent will say that he would approved the attack quickly, and would have promptly released the facts and evidence about the mission.

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