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Monday, December 19, 2011

Why young couples aren't getting married

It is often claimed that divorce law is irrelevant to young people getting married, because they don't think about divorce. But that is contradicted by a new study on marriage attitudes:
With the share of married adults at an all-time low in the United States, new research by demographers at Cornell University and the University of Central Oklahoma unveils clues why couples don't get married – they fear divorce.

Among cohabitating couples, more than two-thirds of the study's respondents admitted to concerns about dealing with the social, legal, emotional and economic consequences of a possible divorce.

The study, "The Specter of Divorce: Views from Working and Middle-Class Cohabitors," is published in the journal Family Relations (December 2011) and is co-authored by Sharon Sassler, Cornell professor of policy analysis and management, and Dela Kusi-Appouh, a Cornell doctoral student in the field of development sociology. (http://bit.ly/sJqeFa).

Roughly 67 percent of the study's respondents shared their worries about divorce. ...

The study also found working-class cohabitating couples were more apt to view marriage as "just a piece of paper," nearly identical to their existing relationship. ...

The authors hope that their findings could help premarital counselors to better tailor their lessons to assuage widespread fears of divorce and to target the specific needs of various socioeconomic classes.
Counseling will not solve this problem. If the counselor is honest, he will say that American law has been systematically changed over the last 50 years to turn marriage into just a piece of paper that approximates cohabitation. These changes include unilateral (no-fault) divorce and elimination of the links between marriage and parental responsibility. If trends continue, a politician will soon be called a bigot if he says that the purpose of marriage is anything but just a piece of paper that recognizes cohabitation.

If young people really want to see what marriage law has become, they should visit their local family court and see the judges, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, and other parasites who implement marriage law. If so, more young people may decide that they do not want any part of it.

One comment noted:
The article failed to mention the multiple government programs which are available to unwed mothers but not to married mothers. Nor did it mention the tax penalties associated with marriage.
Yes, that is right. There are substantial financial incentives against marriage.

You might think everyone would lament the decline of marriage, but many are cheering it, as shown by these comments:
I think that Americans should just give up and confine themselves to having gay sex in airport bathroom stalls like anti-homosexuality crusading Republicans.

The American experiment is a social, political, and economic failure.

I find it most interesting that America started to go down the toilet when American Christians started their campaign to take their country back to the good oll days of cattle rustling, gun slingers and strict observance to the bible.

You know... The good oll days that never existed anywhere but Hollywood westerns.

Marriage is an ancient ape tradition that has no relevance in modern society.
American marriage is being destroyed by those who are ideologically opposed to it.

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