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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brainwashing Norway

The Oz Conservative (from Australia) comments on a Norwegian video about sex differences and what is called the Norway gender equality paradox:
Harald Eia has been brought up in a society which prides itself on "gender equality" which is understood to mean that sex distinctions shouldn't matter anymore. He himself has largely accepted this view; he tells us at one point that he doesn't treat his daughters as girls but as people (his daughters roll their eyes).

But he can't help but notice that sex distinctions do still matter in Norway, even though his country is ranked as the most gender equal in the world. For instance, Norwegian men and women are more likely, rather than less likely, to choose distinct occupations: 90% of nurses are female and 90% of engineers are men.

The Norwegian government has implemented programmes to make the balance more even, but they have had only a small and temporary influence on what men and women choose to do. So Eia starts to wonder if there might be innate differences between men and women.

He decides to interview some Norwegian academics to see what they think about this possibility. This is where the fun starts. These academics dress as if they are student radicals, but they are, in reality, staunch defenders of the state ideology. When he asks about the idea of innate differences, it's as if he's put a grenade into them. ...

He asks Cathrine Egeland (who looks a bit like Ellen deGeneres) "What is your scientific basis to say that biology plays no part in the two genders' choice of work?" She replies,
My scientific basis? I have what you would call a theoretical basis. There's no room for biology in there for me. I feel that the social sciences should challenge thinking that is based on the differences between humans being biological. (34.50)
Egalitarian theory trumps science and common sense, apparently.

Update: Despite many politically sensitive academics who refuse to admit sex differences, new research shows some straightforward personality differences:
Men and women are "basically different species," says a new study published Wednesday on the Public Library of Science website that seems determined to validate every Men Are From Mars, Women Cry At AT&T Commercials book ever written.

The data, pulled from 10,000 American men and women who took a questionnaire that measured 15 variations of personality traits, records that men and women feel and behave in very specific (and gendered) ways.

Men are more:
- Dominant
- Reserved
- Utilitarian
- Vigilant
- Rule-conscious
- Emotionally stable

While women are more:
- Deferential
- Warm
- Trusting
- Sensitive
- Emotionally "reactive"
More on the research is here.

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