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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Globalism Is a Dead-End Road

Yesterday I told you some facts about Europe's decline from what we thought was the prosperous model of the European Union to a bunch of countries on the brink of financial and cultural collapse. Their plan originally sounded so rational, so much like helping history in a march toward the process of unifying Europe. During the George W. Bush Administration, a lot of smart Americans thought that the European Union should be the model for the economic and political integration of the three countries of North America, the U.S., Canada and Mexico, into a new entity called the North American Union.

The question for Americans now is, are we following Europe down the dead-end road of globalism? America, too, has an elite that wants to take us down the road of fake promises, such as free trade and a global economy administered by a bunch of bureaucrats in Geneva called the World Trade Organization. George W. Bush stepped onto that road only months after becoming President. In 2001 he signed the Declaration of Quebec City in which he made a "commitment to hemispheric integration," and he endorsed the Free Trade Area of the Americas. That idea faded away after Communist Hugo Chavez took over Venezuela. The globalists changed then their goal from integrating the entire Western Hemisphere to just a North American Union. President Bush met with the Mexican and Canadian leaders in Waco, Texas in 2005 to make their plans. President Bush met every year thereafter with the Mexican and Canadian leaders, and they became known as the three amigos.

All the while, we were told that this was building toward a North American Union modeled on the European Union. Globalism was their goal, and Europe was their model. But our European model is now collapsing before our eyes. We must reverse course, and return to respect for our traditional constitutional government and national sovereignty.

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