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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Left Coast Court Bans U.S. Flag

The “Left Coast” is a humorous term to describe liberal news from California, and here we go again with another example. A federal district court in California upheld a ban by a high school principal against students wearing a T-shirt with an image of the American flag. Many offensive liberal phrases are allowed to be worn on T-shirts in public schools, but now the patriotic symbol of the American flag can be banned.

At the Live Oak public high school in northern California, school officials allowed Mexican American students to parade around displaying a Mexican flag on a Mexican holiday. So on the same holiday the following year, a few patriotic students wore T-shirts containing images of the American flag, in order to stand up for the United States. The assistant principal asked the students to conceal the image of the American flag by either turning the shirts inside-out, or removing them altogether. The students declined to turn their backs on the United States. They were then ordered to see the assistant principal in his office. After a 90-minute discussion session with the students, including one parent, the principal ordered two of the students to go home for the day.

Has the American flag become so controversial that it may be censored in our own American public schools? Several students sued, asserting their First Amendment right to display an image of the American flag. In the lawsuit, it came out that the students had encountered hostility from other students merely for displaying the American flag. Due to the possibility of conflict, the court upheld the school’s ban of American flag T-shirts. But why didn’t the school instead end the observances of the Mexican holiday rather than censoring the American flag?

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Anonymous said...

My God, Americans are insane for taking this crap from these fifth columnist judges. California is a satellite of Mexico's. You might as well call it a Mexican protectorate, since that is obviously who the politicians in Sacramento,(the outpost of these traitors),are serving--Mexico.

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