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Friday, January 27, 2012

New rules for teenaged daughters

The UK Mail newspaper reports:
Would YOU let your teenage daughter sleep with a boyfriend in your home?

These middle-class mothers do. The alternatives, they insist, are even more worrying...

When Sarah Watts’s 16-year-old daughter Alicia asked if her boyfriend of three months could stay the night, she wasn’t outraged or upset. Instead, she responded in a way that would horrify many parents — she went out and bought Alicia a double bed so she could sleep with boyfriend Matt in comfort.

Now 17 and a sixth-former studying for A-levels, Alicia and Matt, an 18-year-old photographic student, spend many nights together under Sarah’s roof.

The arrangement is a far cry from the way Sarah, 46, conducted her own teenage relationships.

‘My father was very authoritarian and would never have let my boyfriends stay over,’ says the customer services advisor from Norwich. ...

Sarah has been divorced from Alicia’s father for six years and has an older daughter, Anna, 20, who moved out two years ago to live with her boyfriend. She has a close relationship with both daughters and would hate to think that they couldn’t confide in her.

‘It’s better to have an open relationship with your children and discuss things, rather than lay down the law about what they can and can’t do,’ says Sarah.
This is what happens when the father is no longer the head of the household.

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