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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Public Schools Import Foreign Teachers

There has been a strange recent trend to import teachers from foreign countries to educate American students in our public schools. During 2010, the Department of Labor certified 13,157 foreign workers to teach classes in elementary schools and high schools. These foreign workers come into America on H-1B visas, and they are assigned to all kinds of public school classes, including math, science, foreign language, special education, and physical education. This deprives U.S. citizens of thousands of jobs every year in favor of foreign workers from countries such as the Philippines, Mexico, India, Columbia, and Canada.

This system makes absolutely no sense and is one cause of our current high unemployment. H-1B visas are intended to bring in workers when employers can't find Americans to do the job. Do you really think public schools can't find physical education teachers? Some schools have found that this international recruitment is cheaper, especially if they pay them less than Americans expect and also fail to pay the visa fees on behalf of the foreigners. One school that did exactly that was Prince George's County Public School System in Maryland. It used H-1B visas and failed to pay more than $4 million in fees for which the schools were legally responsible. Instead, they required the foreign teachers to pay those fees.

This school's deception was discovered and now will have to pay back millions of dollars in visa fees, and will also be banned from participating in the H-1B program for two years as a penalty. And that's not the only school that has been carrying on this racket of hiring foreigners instead of Americans by pretending they can't find Americans to fill the jobs. It's no wonder a lot of students think they can cheat on exams and admissions when school administrators themselves are setting such a bad example.

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