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Monday, January 09, 2012

Stem cell fraud

Last night CBS TV 60 Minutes broadcast a show on stem cell fraud:
The Internet is full of websites selling unproven stem cell treatments for incurable illnesses. Scott Pelley confronts one disgraced doctor offering false hope to a family with a disabled child.

(CBS News) Dr. Dan Ecklund claims he can treat dozens of diseases using stem cells. But there's a problem. Ecklund is a disgraced doctor whose medical license was revoked in 2005. That hasn't kept him from founding a company and a website that offer hope where science cannot. Scott Pelley investigates the lucrative business of miracle stem cell "cures." It's 21st century snake oil being peddled to desperate people, including the parents of one young boy, Adam Susser, who has cerebral palsy and is blind and quadriplegic.
As demonstrated, all of these stem cell treatments are scams.

What the show did not explain was the reason people fall for these scams. For years, liberal politician, abortion advocates, atheist scientists, and G.W. Bush haters have been telling us that embryonic stem cells will be miracle cures for all sorts of ailments. Billions of dollars has been spent on this research, and the public was told that this is the most important scientific research that can be done. No medical therapies have ever resulted. Just con men, like those shown on CBS 60 Minutes.

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