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Monday, February 27, 2012

Good News from the UN!

Here is some good news, for a change, from the United Nations. The UN Climate Change conference held a lot of discussions in Durban, South Africa in December, but fortunately it failed to achieve its two main goals: producing a new treaty to replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol limiting greenhouse gas emissions, and agreeing on a global tax scheme to finance a Green Climate Fund. Apparently, the delegates from 191 countries were not moved by the hysterical claim of the radical environmentalists that "We're all going to die in five years unless a legally binding framework to cut greenhouse gas emissions is accepted by the Durban conference." Well, Hallelujah!

The UN wanted to extend and expand the 1997 Kyoto Protocol which had set legally binding limits on greenhouse gas emissions at seven percent below 1990 levels by 2012. However, the U.S. never ratified Kyoto, and Canada just withdrew. No country has been able to meet that goal because it would have devastated their economies. The Durban busybodies were very angry at Canada for withdrawing and tried to humiliate Canada by giving Canada a mischievous award called the Fossil of the Day award. The Durban conference did create a new Working Group that is supposed to start writing a new treaty to put all countries under the same legal regime to enforce commitments to limit greenhouse gases.

Three UN agencies have issued reports claiming a global crisis, but one claims that all weather extremes are the result of climate change. The Durban delegates did resign themselves to replacing the term global warming with climate change. They were facing up to the reality that there has been no global warming since 1997.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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