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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Liberals hate Fox News

There are occasionally pseudo-scientific studies claiming that liberals are somehow intellectually superior to conservatives. Chris Mooney has a new promoting such silly ideas, and writes:
Conservatives opt for Fox News much more strongly than liberals opt for any single outlet. In a 2007 "selective exposure" study by Stanford researcher Shanto Iyengar, it was found Republicans overwhelmingly chose to read fake articles labeled with the "Fox News" logo, but chose a story running under a CNN or NPR logo just 10 percent of the time. By contrast, Democrats in the study didn't like Fox, but also didn't show a strong affinity for a particular alternative news source -- they seemed to sample information sources more widely. ... Either way, liberals just don't seem to need an outlet like Fox.

You see, first we'd have to get them to accept something they often view as aversive and threatening: The theory of evolution.
So conservatives prefer conservative news sources and liberals prefer liberal news sources. The main difference is that liberal have many more sources to choose from.

There are lots of conservatives who read the NY Times and listen to NPR. It is a lot harder to find liberals who watch Fox News. It sure seems to me that conservatives are a lot more broad-minded in their choice of news sources.

I am not sure what he hopes to accomplish with evolution, except that evolutionist commonly
believe that teaching evolution is the most effective way to undermine religion.

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