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Friday, March 09, 2012

Equalizing Reproductive Rights

The Spearhead often discusses men's rights, and proposes:
I give you Reproductive Rights: the Gender-Based Overview.

Reproductive Rights Before Pregnancy:
-Women: Choose Not To Have Sex; Use Birth Control
-Men: Choose Not To Have Sex; Use Birth Control

Reproductive Rights Rights During Pregnancy:
-Women: Abort Fetus
-Men: None

Reproductive Rights After Childbirth:
-Women: Surrender child to be supported by state taxpayers via Safe Haven laws (Typically up to 30 days after birth; varies by state)
-Men: None

Based on this brutally simple breakdown, the following simple fixes suggest themselves. Note that the only consideration in this analysis is making the reproductive rights of men and women the same at all stages of the process, regardless of any other considerations. This is not to minimize or discard those other considerations, but rather to illustrate these solutions in the simplest possible terms.

Obviously, reproductive rights before pregnancy are already equal.

To Equalize Rights During Pregnancy:*
Option 1: Require father’s consent to abort a pregnancy
Option 2: Allow fathers to mandate abortion against the mother’s wishes (!)

To Equalize Rights After Childbirth:
Option 1: Eliminate Safe Haven Laws [where new moms can abandon a baby]
Option 2: Allow Fathers to surrender parental rights (yes, avoiding child support) within Safe Haven timeframe
No, these changes will not happen anytime soon. Maybe if the Equal Rights Amendment had passed, the Supreme Court would be considering these changes right now. In the meantime, if you hear someone demand equal reproductive rights, ask her which of the above options she prefers.

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