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Friday, March 23, 2012

Obamacare undermines parents

Janet Baird writes:
This clause caught my eye,for all women with reproductive capacity.” Have you thought about the demographics included here? Girls obtain reproductive capacity these days as young as age nine or 10, but almost always by age 12 or 13. This is NOT just about college women.

In Washington State where I live (and many other states), children are treated as adults for all contraceptive, STD treatment, counseling and psychiatric services, and substance abuse treatment at age 12-13, i.e., these services can be accessed by a child without the knowledge or consent of parents, and parents are legally barred from obtaining any information concerning such services without the express consent of the child as evidenced by a signed medical release. There is no age requirement for abortion.

I don’t believe the recent political drama is about a wealthy Georgetown Law student on a full ride scholarship; rather, it’s about young girls who have the legal ability to avail themselves of such services, but not the ability to pay. The bottleneck here is that while parents have lost their parental rights in these areas, they are still on the hook financially in many cases. I could be wrong, but I believe this has prevented young girls from availing themselves of their “rights” to the degree and in the numbers that liberals had hoped. Also, nonprofits have been losing funding previously utilized for providing “free” services. Now that such services are to be provided without “shared cost” to the patient by insurance companies, this opens up a whole new realm of opportunity for those providing various services with even a tenuous connection to reproduction. Remember, the majority of children are covered under their parents’ insurance policies, even though their parents have lost their legal right to information regarding that health care. ...

Liberals (communists), are steadily moving in the direction of allowing all medical, dental, psychiatric and educational professionals to circumvent parents altogether under various guises such as reproductive rights, the ever-useful “all parents are abusive” and more.

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