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Friday, March 02, 2012

Policy focused on reality, not ideology

I just watched this interview on MSNBC:
Chris Matthews: We live in the real world. ... Birth control ... is one of our rights, and it's a life reality ... Health insurance -- We're talking about an insurance issue here.
Sandra Fluke: ... I really appreciate your use of the word "reality". Because we are talking about federal government policy, that that must be focused on reality, and not ideology. ...
Chris Matthews: Do you think that you are getting the Anita Hill treatment here? You know that history.
Sandra Fluke: I do, I do.
No, we are not talking about insurance here. Insurance is the promise of reimbursement in the case of an unexpected future loss. Fluke is paying about $150k to an elite Catholic law school, and she wants contraceptive pills as part of the deal.

I am wondering what she means by policy being based on reality, not ideology. I guess she means that elite law students are going to have sexual relations whether the university supplies conceptives or not. But it is certainly an ideology to say that someone else has to pay for her pills.

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