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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Young People Likely to Favor Socialism

The Pew Research Center, which has a good reputation for conducting reliable public opinion surveys, recently issued poll results that the college and post-college crowd is getting more comfortable with the label Socialism. The poll found that, while Americans overall tend to oppose Socialism by two-to-one -- 60% of Americans have a negative view of Socialism versus only 31% say they have a positive view -- Socialism has plenty of fans among young people age 18 to 29. In that age group, 43% said their opinion was negative, while 49% have a positive view of Socialism. These figures are the opposite of what they were a year ago.

Pew Research tries to speculate what has caused the change in young people's attitude toward Socialism. One explanation given is that so many young people have to live with their parents. I think that's a rather ridiculous reason. Living with your parents doesn't make you Socialist unless your parents are Socialists, which is not likely.

I suggest some other reasons. One explanation might be not being able to get a job. Or it might be especially not getting a job that can justify the large college debt they are stuck with. Another explanation might be what the young people learned in school and college. College faculties are at least ten to one liberal to conservative, and it is very possible that many of these young people were influenced by leftwing professors who are antagonistic to the private enterprise system or even may be open or closet Marxists.

In any event, it's up to adults who know better to teach our young people that Socialism has been a failure wherever it has been tried. It's an economic system that spreads the poverty around and allows dictators in charge to hand out financial favors to their pals.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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