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Friday, April 27, 2012

Beware of Five Sneaky U.N. Treaties

The people who are trying to move the United States into some sort of global government are planning to accomplish this by incorporating treaties into U.S. laws thorough court decisions. They know that once treaties are ratified, our Constitution makes them part of the supreme law of our land. So President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are seeking ratification of five treaties that could radically reduce our national sovereignty.

First, is the International Criminal Court treaty which would make it possible for our Presidents and Cabinet officials to be prosecuted criminally for going to war without U.N. approval. Second, is the Law of the Sea Treaty which requires that the United States pay an international body half of our royalties from offshore drilling, and then the foreigners would distribute the funds as they want. We would have only one vote out of 160 regarding how our money would be spent. Third is the Small-Arms Control Treaty, which would ban the export of small arms. That could be a backdoor way to require national registration of all guns and to assert federal regulation over guns, simply bypassing our Second Amendment.

Fourth, is the Outer Space Code of Conduct Treaty. This treaty is supposed to prohibit putting debris in outer space, but actually it might prohibit the United States from deploying anti-missiles on platforms in space, which we need to protect to ourselves from Iranian, Chinese and North Korean missile threats. The fifth obnoxious treaty being negotiated by Obama and Hillary Clinton is the Treaty on the Rights of the Child, which would oblige the U.S. to provide funds for shelter, food, clothing and education for children in all poor nations, and set up a 14-member court to enforce this.

Tell your U.S. Senators you are counting on them to refuse to ratify any of these anti-American treaties.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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