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Monday, April 02, 2012

Female cop needs help

Ever heard of a cop asking a random civilian passerby to subdue a fleeing suspect for an arrest? The Spearhead blog reports:
Following a bar assault in north Seattle, a female police officer identified two suspects through witnesses. Upon seeing the officer, both fled on foot through a neighborhood. Bravely giving chase (it was brave — most female cops wouldn’t bother), the officer lost track of one suspect, but managed to stay on the tail of the other. However, she started to lose him, too. Fortunately, a man stepped out of his apartment just as the suspect was running by:

That suspect ran up a flight of stairs next to an apartment complex in the 12300 block of 33rd Avenue Northeast. Just as the suspect was running past the building, a resident there happened to step outside of his apartment unit.

As the officer was closing in, she yelled to the resident, “Seattle police, stop that guy!” The resident tackled the fleeing suspect and knocked him to the ground without injury. The officer immediately took him into custody.
I am glad that the Seattle men are able to help the cops when they need help.

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