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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Governor says man up

AP reports:
SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown urged lawmakers on Friday to “man up” and pass his proposed spending cuts, a choice of words that rankled some female lawmakers and advocates for the needy. ...

“We’re trying to be as prudent as we can and that’s why the Legislature has to man up, make the cuts,” Brown said.

Sen. Noreen Evans, D-Santa Rosa, was among those who bristled at the phrasing.

“‘Man up’ doesn’t quite apply here,” Evans said. “The reason it’s a poor choice of words is the cuts would fall most heavily on the women and children in the state.”

Not only would women bear the brunt of cuts to subsidized childcare and the welfare-to-work system, Evans said, but they also would suffer disproportionally from layoffs at public schools and homecare programs.
California has a $9 billion deficit, in spite of a constitutional requirement for a balanced budget. Apparently there are some Democrats who think that balancing the budget is anti-women, because so many women have become dependent on Democrat spending programs.

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