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Monday, April 09, 2012

Sovereignty or Submission to Global Control

Some U.S. leaders want us to be called "citizens of the world," living under laws determined by the United Nations and other global outfits. Will Americans put up with that? That's the question posed by Dr. John Fonte whom I interviewed recently on my Saturday radio talk program about his new book called Sovereignty or Submission. Dr. Fonte's book explains the push for global government, which is advocated in the universities, among some of our Supreme Court justices, and at all United Nations conferences. Major political leaders tell us that globalism is the wave of the future and that the U.S. must accept a "global rule of law."

Dr. Fonte's book poses the question: Are we a sovereign nation that governs ourselves OR are we going to allow ourselves to be pushed into some sort of world government? The globalists are very clever with words. They don't use the term "world government" any more because they know that won't sell in America. They use softer words such as global governance. They avoid the word international, which means dealings between sovereign nations. Instead, the globalists use the term transnational, by which they mean importing foreign law into domestic law especially on foreign policy and in court decisions. Several Supreme Court Justices, especially Ruth Bader Ginsburg, have talked openly about this use of foreign law.

Dr. Fonte explained the difference in the meaning of the words used by globalists. International means relations between sovereign nations. Transnational means "across" nations. And supernational means "above" or "over" the nation states, a complete wipeout of a nation's sovereignty. We don't want any of those varieties of world government. We want to preserve American national sovereignty so we the people can govern ourselves.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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