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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Advice from Charles Murray

Charles Murray is the author of some important books about the state of our American society and the consequences of our overspending taxpayers' money on the welfare state. His latest book is called "Coming Apart: 1960 to 2010." An excerpt from his book was printed in the Wall Street Journal that I want to share with you because I think it is so important. Here is the extensive quotation from Charles Murray:

"The prerequisite for any eventual policy solution consists of a simple cultural change: It must once again be taken for granted that a male in the prime of life who isn't even looking for work is behaving badly. There can be exceptions for those who are genuinely unable to work or are house husbands. But reasonably healthy working-age males who aren't working or even looking for work, who live off their girlfriends, families or the state, must once again be openly regarded by their fellow citizens as lazy, irresponsible and unmanly. Whatever their social class, they are, for want of a better word, bums. To bring about this cultural change, we must change the language that we use. ... Call them whatever derogatory word you prefer. Equally important: Start treating the men who aren't feckless with respect. Recognize that the guy who works on your lawn every week is morally superior in this regard to your neighbor's college-educated son who won't take a [so-called] "demeaning" job. Be willing to say so.

This shouldn't be such a hard thing to do. Most of us already believe that one of life's central moral obligations is to be a productive adult. The cultural shift I advocate doesn't demand that we change our minds about anything; we just need to drop our non-judgmentalism. ... We should stop making excuses for them that we wouldn't make for ourselves. Respect those who deserve respect, but look down on those who deserve looking down on.

Those are all quotes from Charles Murray.

I'd like to hear comments from my listeners about his suggestions.Listen to the radio commentary here:

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