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Friday, May 11, 2012

Affirmative Action for Men?

A recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals a really shocking new figure. For every hundred men who have a bachelor's degree by age 24, 148 women of the same age have a Bachelor's degree. Women are also less likely to be high school dropouts than men. In every other academic realm, the existence of a statistical disparity, such as the fact that fewer women than men pursue advanced degrees in science and technology, is taken as positive proof of gender discrimination that government must remedy. So what about the difference in college admissions?

The Wall Street Journal writer James Taranto called this disparity "no laughing matter" and wrote that it "ought to alarm anyone who cares about America's future." As Taranto explains: "the disproportional number of female high achievers makes it difficult for them to find men who meet their standards of marriageability... If high-status women outnumber high-status men, the women will have a very hard time finding suitable husbands even when they are still young. That would seem to be the future that awaits today's college-educated American women."

Some newspapers, including the Richmond Times-Dispatch, are asking whether colleges and universities ought to adopt affirmative action for men. I think they should, and I'll bet if you took a poll of college women they would agree. I don't believe women want to attend a college that is only 40% men. But of course, the feminists, and feminist organizations such as the American Association of University Women, would not agree, since their goal is to punish men for being part of the so-called patriarchy. Every part of the feminist ideology is hurtful to men, to women, and to children, and I urge you to read my new book The Flipside of Feminism so you won't let feminism ruin your life.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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forthurst said...

I think positive discrimination of any sort is a very poor idea. As far as I can tell, it has been used extensively to discriminate against real Americans in favour of minorities some of whom have more than one hat which they don selectively depending on the context.

There is an assumption here that the reason for this disparity is equitable as between different racial groups but is that so? I believe that men of Northern European extraction have more masculine brains pushing them in the direction of maths, science and engineering and their corresponding females more toward the biological sciences and the humanities. In other racial groups, both the men and women are better at the Humanities. If those who are better at the Humanities have come to dominate tertiary education, they will inevitably create a preponderance of courses which are aimed at the humanities. In other words, males are being distriminated against by the availability of tertiary courses appropriate for their intellects and quite probably the quality of teaching available at prior levels.

Maybe you should prune the humanities courses to reacreate your ideal marriage market: psychology, sociology, womens' studies, media studies etc? Tertiary education has become feminised.

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