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Friday, May 18, 2012

Atheists Attack the Ten Commandments Again

Officials with the Valley School District in New Kensington, Pennsylvania are facing a legal battle with an atheist group that is trying to get a Ten Commandments monument removed from school property. The monument has been a fixture outside of the high school for many years without any complaint or controversy.

The Valley School District received a letter from a Wisconsin outfit called Freedom from Religion Foundation claiming that the Ten Commandments monument on school property violates separation of church and state. The monument was a gift many years ago from the Fraternal Order of the Eagles in 1957. The controversy was initiated by a student who doesn't even attend this high school, and the fight was then picked up and pursued by the atheist organization.

A student who attends the high school told the press, "I don't see w hat the problem is with the Ten Commandments being there. It's not like the school is forcing us to read them or follow them, and it was a gift to the school district when it was built." The school superintendent, Dr. George Batterson, said the monument has more historical significance than religious.

This is not the only Ten Commandments monument this Wisconsin group is trying to remove. It is going after another in Virginia. It's important for the Judeo-Christian community to realize that their religion is under attack in many ways. The atheists are trying to remove any religious symbol or expression from any public place and,even though the First Amendment certainly does not require this, we have to be on guard against supremacist judges who acquiesce in this anti-religion campaign.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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