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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

California Educators Created an Educational Disaster

According to a study by the California Department of Education, almost one in six adults in that state is "functionally illiterate" and most of those who can't read are native English speakers who went to school in the United States. So, you can't blame this statistic on the immigrants. That means more than 3 million Californians can't read well enough to read a job application. The education bureaucrats blame this disaster on social problems and lack of enough money, but those are not the real problems. As the noted education writer Samuel Blumenfeld explained, the fault is California's adoption in 1987 of a stupid system of teaching reading called "whole language." That is a system of banning the teaching of phonics, which means teaching the child the sounds of syllables of the English language so he can put them together and read words. California actually destroyed all phonics books and spellers to ensure that teachers went along with the so-called whole word method.

Some educators, such as former California Superintendent Bill Honig, now says they were the victims of "fuzzy thinking." But according to Samuel Blumenfeld, it wasn't fuzzy thinking at all. It was stupid, ignorant thinking. No, it wasn't just stupid, it was actually malicious. As Samuel Blumenfeld explains, the progressives advocated whole language as a blueprint for dumbing down the American people as advocated by the influential educator John Dewey in an essay he wrote called "The Primary-Education Fetish." The progressives and socialists actually wanted to dumb down the American kids so they would grow up to be creatures of the state and do whatever the government orders them to do.

If you want your children to grow up to be free, they need to be able to read books so they can make intelligent decisions about the role of government, and what it can and cannot constitutionally do.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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