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Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting hate mail

I was hoping to get some substantive comments responding to my posting on America is becoming non-white, below, but I only got hate mail. This woman's comment is typical of the more polite messages:
You are delusional and insulated if you think the Ozzie and Harriett family ever existed for real.

Where in your Bible does it tell you to be hateful and fearful of others that are different?

You have some nerve spouting self-righteous crap like that.

God is not amused.
Just in case she is waiting for an answer, I'll try to give one. Ozzie and Harriet was a fictional TV show loosed based on a real life American family. When I said that "the TV characters Ozzie and Harriet were a national archetype", I was quoting the NY Times.

There are many stories in the Bible that appear to condone oppostion to people that are different. The Israelites even fight war against other tribes, and kill them. See Numbers 31 for an example. That is in the Old Testament, of course.

Somehow I do not think that these answers will satisfy her. The USA has had an immigration policy that favors non-whites, and that is turning the country into a non-white country. That is not a racist opinion. That is a fact that the NY Times story reported. The NY Times liberals argue that our immigration policy is too restrictive. So go even farther, and argue that we should have open borders. I do not agree. I believe that we should have a more restrictive immigration policy, and that the policy should not be so biased in favor of non-whites.

I also disagree with those who are so hostile to the American nuclear family, as symbolized by Ozzie and Harriet. The NY Times liberals, the leftist blogs, and the above reader display a hatred towards the American nuclear family. Yes, I do have the nerve to defend the American family, and to denounce those who are seeking to destroy it. If someone has a substantive disagreement, please post it. I don't want to even link to what the left-wing blogs say about this, because they are almost entirely racist, hateful, obscene, and devoid of any content.


bint alshamsa said...

Mrs. Schlafly, I hope that this is the kind of substantive comment that you were hoping to receive.

My husband and I own our house and cars outright. We purchased it without a mortgage, by working hard and spending thriftily. We love children. However, we realized that we couldn't afford to raise as many of them as our parents did, so we only have one child.

We wanted to put the needs of our daughter ahead of our own, so I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. She has never been suspended from school nor has she ever had any dealings with the criminal justice system. She's in the Gifted and Talented program and she plays on the soccer team at her school. She is very religious and goes to church, bright and early, every Sunday morning. Next year, she will graduate from one of the two highest rated high schools in the state of Louisiana. After that, I may go back to school or seek employment outside of the home.

We are the kind of traditional family that you would approve of, with one exception. We are a "non-white" family. My husband and I both come from mixed-race families. Therefore, any children we have contribute to the non-white population that will soon be the majority in America.

What you are angry about isn't the fact that the Ozzie and Harriet archetype no longer exists. You are actually upset that much of white America no longer think that it's worth pursuing. The family values of non-white Americans only serves to make it more obvious that white American communities lack them. In a nation where the majority of black people are middle class, despite being the descendants of enslaved people, white people constitute the majority of welfare recipients.

The change in American values can't be blamed on immigrants and other non-white people. The change is the result of having white people who are so obsessed with boogeymen (e.g. "black welfare queens" and "illegal immigrant voters"), that they ignored the biggest problems in America (i.e. them). White America isn't being wiped out or out-populated. It is rotting from the inside out.

Perhaps families like mine are the real torch-bearers for the values that you supposedly espouse. White people in America certainly don't seem up to the challenge. C'est la vie.

Roger said...

To bint alshamsa, I do not disapprove of mixed-race families. From your description, it appears that you and your family are making America a better place. Where I disagree with you is where you say, "White America ... is rotting from the inside out" and where you imply that those who subscribed to the Ozzie and Harriet archetype need to be replaced by a flood of 50 million non-white immigrants.

bint alshamsa said...

Roger, if you disagree, then I would love to hear why. Of course, what you claim I implied certainly isn't what I said. I hope that isn't a sign that you don't plan to argue in good faith or with the kind of common courtesy that a southern lady like me expects from a gentleman.

D Johnston said...

Excuse me, but in what sense does the USA have an immigration policy that favors non-whites? When you were asked about that in the other thread, you started talking about amnesty, which a) is not now, nor has it ever been official US policy and b) doesn't have anything to do with race.

Aside from that, why is the fact that those immigrants are non-white so important? If they were Europeans, would that really be different?

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