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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Myths About H-1B Visas

President Obama has made expanding H-1Bs visas to import more foreign workers a feature of his reelection campaign, even though our country already allows the importation of 65,000 H-1B visa aliens every year. Some people are even pushing the ridiculous notion of stapling a green card to college diplomas, so that foreigners who attend U.S. colleges would automatically be allowed to stay and work in our country. Big companies perpetuate the false notion that H-1B visas are only for workers who are highly skilled in specialized areas. That's not true. Most H-1B workers are imported for entry-level jobs and then trained by experienced U.S. workers who are then laid off. This process has introduced a new expression and acronym into the English language: DYOG: “Dig Your Own Grave.”

Senator Chuck Grassley wrote a letter to the President. He pointed out that Obama was only regurgitating the corporation lobbyists’ phony mantra that foreigners are “better and brighter" than Americans. Grassley said “thousands of qualified Americans remain out of work while companies are incentivized to import foreign workers.”

A good example of how the H-1B visa system works was described in a lawsuit filed against Molina Healthcare Inc., which handles Medicaid and Medicare paperwork for the government, and Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp., which recruits H-1B workers in India. In January 2010, one day after the Department of Labor approved Molina's application for 40 H-1B workers, Molina fired 40 competent U.S. programmers, managers and analysts and hired 40 H-1B replacements imported from India. That is how H-1B visas work in the real world to take jobs away from Americans.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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