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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Parental Rights Against Textbook Indoctrination

We've been talking this week about examples of historical revisionism and Islamic bias in school history textbooks. Muslim imperialism is usually omitted or downplayed, and a completely false narrative about the Crusades is given. The books often falsely claim that Islam is tolerant of Jews and Christians.

Back in the year of 9/11, a big controversy erupted at Excelsior public school in Byron, California, where seventh graders were being taught a three-week course about the Islamic religion. This course required the kids to learn 25 Islamic terms, 20 proverbs, Islam's Five Pillars of Faith, 10 key Islamic prophets and disciples, recite from the Koran, wear a robe during class, and adopt a Muslim name.

Excelsior was using one of the textbooks that omit information about Islam's wars, massacres, and cruelties against Christians and Jews. Christianity was mentioned only briefly and negatively, linked to the Inquisition and to Salem witch-hunts. The students were given Muslim names and told to recite Muslim prayers in class. They were required to give up things for a day to recognize the Islamic practice of Ramadan, and the teacher gave extra credit for fasting at lunch. For the final exam, the students had to write an essay about Islamic culture. The essay assignment warned students in these words: "Be careful here; if you do not have something positive to say, don't say anything!!!"

Parents thought they could appeal to the courts to uphold their right to reject this type of behavior modification in the classroom. But the parents lost in court. And on October 2, 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider the parents' appeal from the lower court decision against them. On the other hand, the parents who appealed to the Texas State School Board have been successful. The Texas Board thoroughly examined the textbooks used in Texas schools and is now demanding that the publishers remove the false statement and the pro-Islamic propaganda. The better way for parents to proceed is to appeal to your own school board.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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