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Friday, June 08, 2012

Gender Revolution needs to destroy marriage

Many feminists not only seek to promote their own feminist views of relationships, they want to destroy traditional marriage. Here is a study that supposedly shows the necessity of destroying the traditional family in order for feminists to achieve their goals:
“Marriage Structure and Resistance to the Gender Revolution in the Workplace”

In this article, we examine a heretofore neglected pocket of resistance to the gender revolution in the workplace: married male employees who have stay-at-home wives.
The study defined a traditional family as having a stay-at-home wife, and a modern family as having a wife working full-time.

Sure enough, the men with the stay-at-home wives were more morely to see the benefits of such an arrangement, and less likely to favor affirmative action for women at work.

The article does not go so far as to advocate workplace discrimination against men in traditional marriages. The obvious implication is that feminists will have to find some other way to destroy traditional marriage in order to achieve the Gender Revolution that they seek.

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