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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Radical Professors Indoctrinate Students

A new study by the California division of the prestigious National Association of Scholars has reported that left-wing political activism in the classroom has had a corrupting effect on the University of California. The report, which is called "A Crisis of Competence," states that this left-wing activism has caused four basic problems. 1st: A sharp increase in faculty members who self-identify as radicals. 2nd: Imposing curricula that violate University regulations by promoting political activism. 3rd: Failure to study the Western tradition. And 4th: Suppression of free speech.

This Association of Scholars spent two years examining graduation requirements, reading lists, and course descriptions, and interviewing students and faculty. The conclusion is that radical leftist politics have robbed California students of a good education. The quality of teaching has been badly reduced. The report told about the universities' lack of political balance. In 2004, UC Berkeley had 8 Democratic professors to one Republican. Then the ratio got much, much worse. UC Berkeley now has 17 Democrats to 1 Republican in the humanities departments, and 21 Democrats to 1 Republican in the social sciences. The report said that this ratio cannot be accidental. It had to be the result of discrimination in the hiring process. The Association of Scholars concluded that university administrators have failed to ensure that students get a quality education and instead have used the university to promote a left-wing political agenda. The California universities have all sorts of rules that sound good on paper and are supposed to prevent this kind of bias. For example, the Regents' Policy on Course Content, states that the regents "are responsible to see that the university ... never functions as an instrument for the advance of partisan interest." Obviously, the professors and the hiring committees pay no attention to those rules.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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