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Friday, June 22, 2012

Saving Women from Telemedicine Abortions

Abortion clinics in Iowa have already been performing telemedicine abortions, according to Congressman Steve King. One week in a hospital could run up a $100,000 bill, but when the abortionist is thousands of miles away, the hospital can't find him and just shifts that expense to the public. Telemedicine abortions interfere with the ability of state laws in Missouri and Mississippi to enforce their sensible laws protecting women against exploitation by hit-and-run abortions. A woman victimized by a telemedicine abortion may not even know the real identity of who "performed" the procedure.

Women are fortunate that Rep. Steve King is willing to stand up and fight the real "war against women" by sponsoring a bill in Congress to end telemedicine abortions. Many Democratic politicians, especially those who toady to the feminists, have little regard for women victimized by abortion. For example, California legislators are now planning to pass a law that would allow many different types of non-physicians to perform abortions. As non-physicians, they will not be able to handle the complications, so the costs will be shifted onto the public while the women suffer from a lack of immediate care.

In addition to Steve King's sensible federal legislation, several states have passed their own bans against telemedicine abortions. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently signed into law a bill that prohibits this type of exploitation of women.

The pro-abortion lobby and its allies in the media pretend that new laws infringe on access to abortion, but in fact abortion rates have been increasing in the United States. It is encouraging to see that some Congressmen are actually taking steps to protect women against exploitation by the abortion industry.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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