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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Voter Fraud in Philadelphia

It's been widely suspected for years that the city of Philadelphia has more people registered to vote than actually live in Philadelphia. If true, that's an open invitation to voter fraud. Well, now we have the proof. City commissioners in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania have discovered 83 Philadelphia voting districts where more votes were cast on voting machines in last year's primary election than the number of people who voted. It was not a large number of votes involved, but still these facts raise concerns about the honesty of the voting process. The Philadelphia newspaper stated, "Until they understand what happened ... they cannot rule out the possibility of deliberate, illegal efforts to run up votes for favored candidates, with the perpetrators losing count as they tried to cover their tracks."

After a three-day debate, the state legislature passed a law requiring voters, for the first time, to show photo identification in order to be handed a ballot. The bill passed the House and the Senate mostly along party lines. The Governor signed the photo ID bill saying that,"it protects a very sacred principle. That principle is 'one person, one vote.'" Starting with the general election in November, Pennsylvania voters must show photo identification before receiving a ballot. Voters without an ID will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot and then have six days to present their identification to the election office. They can get free photo ID from any Pennsylvania Department of Transportation drivers' license center.

Many states have passed laws requiring voters to present photo ID in order to vote. They are necessary to have honest elections. If your state doesn't have a photo ID law, I hope you will ask your state legislators to pass one before the next election.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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