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Monday, June 18, 2012

What Happened to the Mojave Desert Cross?

The atheists have been litigating for more than ten years to get some judge to order the removal of a memorial cross in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. The cross is on a remote hilltop known as Sunrise Rock. Anyone would have to climb a long distance over rugged terrain to see it and then claim to be offended by it. The cross was first erected in 1934 by a World War I veteran in memory of his buddies who had been killed in that war.

In 1994 the site became part of a national preserve, and the ACLU then began suing to remove the cross, claiming it was unconstitutionally located on government property. The litigation went on and on. In 2003, Congress ordered a land swap to take the cross off public land, but a court said that was not acceptable. The cross was covered up with a big tarp so no one could see it and be offended. But that didn't satisfy the atheists. Then, the cross was stolen. Someone then erected a replica af the original cross. but park service officials ordered that removed, saying that any cross is a violation of the court order. More lawsuits, more litigation ensued. Congress tried giving the land to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, but a judge ruled that was illegal.

Finally, after more court proceedings, a settlement this year allows the government to convey a small piece of park land to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in exchange for five acres of land elsewhere that was privately donated. The VFW has a 7-foot steel cross all ready to erect a national war memorial on a new spot where the land is now privately owned and maintained.

Christians must realize that they are under attack from the atheists who are waging an organized campaign to remove every religious symbol from public view.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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