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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Why Women Make Less Than Men

The Barack Obama campaign staff has been denouncing what it calls the Republican War on Women. Exhibit A in this contrived publicity stunt is the oft-repeated lie that American women earn only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. Let's examine the facts, and let's state at the outset that we are not seeking a society where everyone is paid the same wage. We believe in equal pay for equal work; in other words, the work has to be the same if you are going to compare wages. According to U.S. Labor Department statistics full-time work is defined as 35 hours a week, but most men work more hours than that, and most women do not. The main reason that women spend less time at work than men is obvious: they are caring for their children. When you compare the wages of childless women in their 20s with men's wages, women earn more than men do. Most women are likely to cut back their hours in the labor force after they have children.

One study by the American Association for University Women looked at women who graduated from college in the 1990s and found that 23% of those who had become mothers opted out of the workforce, and another 17% were working only part-time. Fewer than 2% of fathers did likewise. Another study of MBA graduates reported that, 10 years after graduation, only half of women with children were working full-time compared with 95% of men. Women, in fact make up 2/3rds of America's part-time workforce.

The Pew Research survey reports that 60% of mothers with minor children prefer to work part-time, and 19% said they'd like to give up their job altogether. Let's face it. There is a tremendous gender gap in what mothers and fathers want to do with their time, That's not an indication of any "war on women." It's just the natural gender difference between males and females.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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