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Thursday, July 19, 2012

China Selling Us Counterfeit Chips

When will our government realize that Communist China is not a friendly trading partner but is an enemy cheating us and deceiving us. The Senate Armed Services Committee has reported that one million suspected "bogus parts" have been found in U.S. military aircraft, including the Air Force's largest cargo plane, special operations helicopters, and a Navy surveillance plane. This report describes a "flood of counterfeit parts" from China, which threaten our national security and the safety of our troops. Obama's Defense Department issued a weak statement that it is "working very hard to try to sort this issue out," and that it would strengthen efforts to prevent Chinese counterfeit parts from ending up in the U.S. military's supply chain. I don't find that statement very encouraging.

Peter Singer, director of the 21st Century Defense Initiative, said that even the smallest counterfeit parts can cause a lot of trouble. A computer that can operate a Tomahawk missile could have a design that involves hundreds of people at many locations. The chips are so complex that no single engineer or even team of engineers can understand how all their parts actually work. The Senate Armed Services Committee reported that a faulty chip in a sensor on a Navy helicopter in the Pacific Fleet prevented the pilot from firing its missiles. The manufacturer was completely unaware of the problem since it didn't make the chips, but bought them from China. Some counterfeit chips are designed to contain a "kill switch" that can shut down the military equipment. Some chips appear to be working perfectly, but really are sending information to someone else. I think it's dangerous to buy our military equipment from Communist China; it should be manufactured in the U.S.A.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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