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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

College Loans Are Discriminatory

Making college loans more generous and easier to get does not make college more affordable. It's a process that encourages colleges to raise tuition rates faster than inflation in order to rake in more taxpayer money, while discriminating against those thrifty enough to pay their own way. College loans seem to be based on the same pie-in-the-sky fiction that going into debt to buy a house you can't afford is a good investment and will make you a worthier citizen. That's an expensive lie told to gullible people by bankers, bureaucrats and counselors.

Nearly 30 percent of students with student loans drop out of college with big debt but no degree. Of those who remain in college, the majority take five or six years, thus significantly increasing the size of their debt. This wastes some of what should be the most productive years of an American's life. When I went to college, carrying a full load of classes, I worked a 48-hour week to pay my own way, and I can't figure out what today's college students do with all their extra time.

A major problem is that, having incurred all that indebtedness, most colleges today are a hostile environment for conservatives and Christians. A new report by the California Association of Scholars called "A Crisis of Competence: The Corrupting Effect of Political Activism in the University of California," explains that college graduates are alarmingly ignorant about history, literature and constitutional government because many professors have replaced real teaching with political indoctrination. Another cause of higher tuition rates is paying high-salaried professors to teach worthless subjects that might justify one lecture but are not worth the price of a semester course. Let's hear demands that wealthy colleges use their billion-dollar endowment to pay off college loans and thereby make restitution for teaching leftwing propaganda masquerading as education.

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