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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The new California polygamy

The Sacramento Bee reports on the latest attempt to abolish the American family:
Beaver had June and Ward.

Ricky had Ozzie and Harriet.

Mom and Dad, same-sex couples or blended families, California law is clear: No more than two legal parents per child.

When adults fight over parenthood, a judge must decide which two have that right and responsibility – but that could end soon.

State Sen. Mark Leno is pushing legislation to allow a child to have multiple parents.

"The bill brings California into the 21st century, recognizing that there are more than Ozzie and Harriet families today," the San Francisco Democrat said.

Surrogate births, same-sex parenthood and assisted reproduction are changing society by creating new possibilities for nontraditional households and relationships.
As noted here and here, feminists, liberals, and their allies seek to destroy everything that is symbolized by Ozzie and Harriet.

This could be worse than polygamy. Even kooky polygamists believe in each child having an identifiable mom and dad. California kids may not have moms and dads anymore.
The key factor is a child's best interest: SB 1476 does not force judges to do anything, it only provides them with discretion to recognize multiple parents if doing so not only is beneficial, but is required for a child's well-being, Leno said.

Californians give judges great power to split families with the stroke of a pen, so there is a duty to do it right, said Ed Howard, senior counsel for the Children's Advocacy Institute at the University of San Diego School of Law. "And we can't get it right if we're forcing judges to rule against their judgment." ...

SB 1476 states that concerns about child stability "may mean that not all parents share legal or physical custody."
This is even crazier. It is not up to the parents to define nontraditional relationship. Judges are being empowered to require some child to have five parents, if that is the preference of the judge.
Ellen Pontac, a Davis gay-rights activist, said she and her wife, ...

"I just think that people should be able to create their own lives," she said.
No, this does not let people create their own lives. It lets judges use their own discretion to define their relationships, and it deprives kids of the opportunity to have a mom and a dad.

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