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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Religious Liberty Is At Stake

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that ObamaCare is constitutional, the law closed in on August 1 against religious liberty in America. All employers, regardless of their religious or moral objections, now must revise their health plans to comply with ObamaCare's mandate coercing them to provide abortion drugs, contraception and sterilization. That is what the feminists demanded, and that is what President Obama ordered. He claims that the religious exemption exempts only actual churches, not institutions operated by religious denominations such as schools, colleges, hospitals, and various community services. He also claims that there is no religious exemption for private employers who claim these requirements violate their religion. The ObamaCare mandate forces all employers to provide abortion drugs, or pay heavy fines. These institutions may be able to get a one-year delay of enforcement if they meet certain conditions, but only if they are a non-profit organization. So, this one-year delay does not include family business employers who take their religion seriously.

The issue of religious liberty was not involved in the big Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare, so 23 new lawsuits have been filed in 14 states challenging the ObamaCare mandate on the religious liberty argument. These lawsuits involve 50 plaintiffs, including Protestant and Catholic colleges, religious schools serving inner-city children, and charities providing care for the abused and neglected. Their argument is that ObamaCare's mandate to provide abortafacients, contraception and sterilization to their employees is a violation of their First Amendment rights. This pro-abortion rule was made part of ObamaCare because the feminists demanded it. This argument will probably take ObamaCare to the Supreme Court again next year.

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