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Monday, September 24, 2012

Does a Cross at a University Offend Muslims?

Catholic University of America is a prestigious Catholic institution in Washington, DC. It should be no surprise to anyone that many of its hundreds of walls throughout the campus display some Christian pictures and symbols, such as a cross, a crucifix, paintings of Jesus, pictures of saints, Popes, and theologians who have been important over Christianity's 2000 years. Apparently, the display of crosses bothers some people. We know about the many lawsuits against crosses honoring veterans. And, when President Obama gave a lecture at Georgetown University in 2009, he pressured that university to cover up the monogram for the name of Jesus Christ that was displayed over the podium.

Now the Muslims are making demands. Catholic Univeristy is open to students of all religious faiths and has some Muslim students. They have hired a lawyer to file suit against the University because they say they are offended when they meditate and pray in the chapel and they have to look at Christian symbols. The lawyer told Fox News that the lawsuit is demanding that the Muslims be given a room where they don't have to (quote) "be looked down upon by a cross of Jesus." (unquote) The Muslims are also complaining because the national Catholic Cathedral in Washington, DC can be seen all over the campus. That's rather ridiculous. What do the Muslim students want the university to do? Move the cathedral, which isn't even part of the University?

Christians had better wake up and realize that our religion is under attack in so many ways, large and small, by important people, by obnoxious lawsuits, by supremacist judges, and even by college students. Nobody forced the Muslims to go to a Catholic university, and they have no business trying to get a judge to remove Christian symbols. The University has a First Amendment right to express its religious views anywhere on its own property and, if the Muslims don't like it, they surely can find another college.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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