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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama excuses Moslem terrorists

The Daily Caller reports:
President Barack Obama said he thinks Muslim protests against Western criticism of Islam are “natural.”

“The natural protests that arose because of the video… were used as an excuse by extremists,” Obama said during an hour-long town-hall interview on the Spanish-language Univision channel.

Obama did not use the interview to affirm the First Amendment, or to champion the right of Americans to speak freely amid criticism and threats from Islamic advocates.

Obama and his deputies have said the protests and attacks were not spurred by their post-2008 policy of deposing autocracies and boosting Islamist political parties.
Natural? It is funny how Pres. Obama makes excuses for Moslem terrorists. Americans get killed in Libya, and somehow it is the fault of a video that Google published in July. Obama attacks the Google video, but not the Broadway play that makes fun of Mormons.

In other news, a British soldier gives birth in Camp Bastion. That is the Afghanistan base where about 15 Taliban soldiers attacked and did $200 million in damage.

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