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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Scientists no longer pushing Obama

Four years ago, 76 American Nobel prizewinners signed this letter:
An Open Letter to the American People

This year’s presidential election is among the most significant in our nation’s history. The country urgently needs a visionary leader who can ensure the future of our traditional strengths in science and technology and who can harness those strengths to address many of our greatest problems: energy, disease, climate change, security, and economic competitiveness. ...

We are convinced that Senator Barack Obama is such a leader, and we urge you to join us in supporting him.
So where are those 70 now? Is there even one who is willing to say that Obama fulfilled his promise?

Four years ago, we were told that Obama would save the polar bears, find stem cells cures for disease, achieve peace overseas, and grow the economy. He has been a huge disappointment.

Here are the Obama Romney 2012 science answers. I am looking for scientists who argue that Obama's answers are better than Romney's, but I cannot find any.

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